Vintage Traditional Ornate Moroccan Cream White Candle Lantern Table Top

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BRAND NEW Cut-Out Metal Lantern for use with standard a Tea light or small pillar candle.

Our vintage lantern combines the best Moroccan style influences with an intricately detailed, durable design. Made from high quality metal for a lasting look of luxury, our Moroccan lantern is ideal for indoor or outdoor use, fully enhancing your favourite tea lights and candles. The ornate cream design allows light to flood out through elaborately carved patterns for a relaxing blend of exoticism and opulence.  

The lantern measures approximately 28cm in height and 11cm wide.

Ideal for all kinds of wedding/party hall - have them all around the venue, restaurants, home or garden use.

  • For a more delicate decor, use these lanterns as a fabulous addition that will spice up your decor a little
     bit. Place on the side tables of your living room or even guest room or you can even decorate your front
     porch with its amazing glow and rich creamy colour

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