Tall Vintage Arabesque Tea Light Candle Holder New

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Vintage Moroccan Arabian Tea Light Lantern Candle Votive Silver Effect with Arabesque Design

This beautiful antiqued Moroccan Arabian vintage lace tea light lantern echo a bygone era of elegance and classic and romance. The lantern is cleverly pulled together by an intricate silver metallic 'lace' collar, the lantern is lined with a mercury effect silver interior, through which your candles will shimmer and shine; these are fabulous as a group or own their own during the day but take on a whole new dimension when lit at night.

The exterior features an Arabesque pattern to reflect the traditional cultures of the Arabian world. Measurements: 17cm x 9cm (approx.)

Arabesque glass design, with mercury effect silvered interior, metallic 'lace' collar and drop in tea light holder.

The influence is drawn from Moroccan/Arabian/Islamic cultures.