Moroccan/Indian Tea Light Holder

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Ideal gift idea Made from glass Brightly coloured Height: 7cm Ideal in any home.

These Moroccan/Indian/Arabian tea light holders look amazing once lit with a standard tea light inside. The colours that they omit really sets this tea light out!

Great for around the house, in any room, for home gifts, dining table or in a restaurant or wedding/banquet setting! The options are endless!

Height: 70mm Depth:90mm Width:70mm
These tea light holders are an amazing collage of colour that will have your guests  amazed by the beautiful look of it will set off. Takes a standard tea light.

Ideal for an Arabian, Moroccan or Indian wedding or celebration!
You will not be disappointed!

Excellent around around the house, garden, marquee or in a wedding themed setting!
Rare & Limited supplies only!