Eid Ramadan Gift Set 6 X Tealight Lanterns

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Moroccan Arabian Candle Frost Tealight Holders Lanterns

Tall Lanterns:
14cm High (approximately) without the handle being raised, 27cm with the handle raised.

Ball Lanterns:
11cm High, 11cm in diameter.

Amazing candle holders that look as though they have been gently painted with a touch of frost.

Each comes with ornate metal trim and taller lanterns come with a handle.

Various mix of gorgeous colours Raspberry, Caramel or Blackcurrant.

Your candle holders will look gorgeous as an ornament, but once your flame starts to burn they take on a new life.

Set them on top of tables or place them hanging from a hook with the long handles...ideal for creating an ambience in the garden!

A lovely set of gifts for anyone who appreciates beautiful things in life.

Influence drawn from Moroccan/Arabain/North African cultures